Nonprofit Technology Done Differently

Helping Your Nonprofit Use Technology to Further Its Mission


Nonprofit Technology Done Differently

Helping Your Nonprofit Use Technology to Further Its Mission

Your mission is too important...

Do you know what downed computers, lost data, virus infections, breached security, failed servers, network outages, phone system issues, and audio/video problems have in common? All of these technology risks will hinder or stop you from fulfilling your mission! Even worse, most all of these issues are avoidable. Let us help you take the risk out of your technology and keep you on the path to fulfilling your is just too important not to!

The peace of mind you need...

Green Skies Technology understands the technology needs of nonprofit organizations and we don't believe in supporting our clients the same old way it's been done. We know that technology is always moving forward and we work to ensure that our clients reap all of the benefits they can from these new technologies. We do this all while keeping an eye on your budget and providing the best solutions possible all for one, predictable monthly rate.

100% Money Back guarantee!

We're so confident in our ability to make your organization run like a top, that we offer a 30 day, 100% money back guarantee! If you contract with us and you are not completely satisfied in the first 30 days, we will completely refund all of your contract fees. It's that simple! 


Why We Do It

We believe technology should be easy to use and work together.

Why We Do It

We believe technology should be easy to use and work together.

Our passion:

WE LOVE NONPROFITS! We love being able to use technology to help our clients accomplish more and do greater. We love seeing nonprofits learn how technology can help them and those around them. We love teaching nonprofits new technologies and seeing them reap the rewards. Oh, did we mention WE LOVE NONPROFITS?

Our mission:

Our mission is to use technology to help nonprofit organizations achieve their mission. We're looking to change the world, one nonprofit at a time! We work to help nonprofit organizations do more with less and enable them to go farther and faster than they have before. We focus on the entire client experience and we use all of our years of experience to help you go from frustrated to free!

Some of the clients we have helped...

  • My organization has been working with Green Skies for over a year. Their team is responsive, thorough, friendly, patient and a pleasure to work with. Their 24/7 monitoring and proactivity in addressing IT issues has been a vital service for our organization. We are a growing, statewide nonprofit with increasingly complex IT needs, and Green Skies has worked with us as collaborative partners to find solutions that serve our statewide staff well and align with our resources. Green Skies has helped us with a range of services and support, from increasing our server capacity and overall cyber security to setting up a complex and face paced voter information hotline. We are happy to be a client and look forward to a continued partnership with Green Skies in the years to come.
    — Jenn Frye, Democracy North Carolina
  • The North Carolina Library Association does not have IT support staff and have relied heavily on Green Skies for all of its IT needs. They are very professional and responsive. One of the best parts of having this service is that they are making sure our systems are secure from cyber hacking, etc. This is a nationwide concern for all. I would recommend any non-profit organization to acquire services with Green Skies.
    — Kim Parrott, North Carolina Library Association
  • Green Skies Technology has always taken care of our computer needs quickly and accurately. They even service us on Sundays! That level of service is what keeps us continuing to patronize them. Their team is always professional and courteous and I would recommend them to any church that needs computer or technology help
    — Corranda Baker, New Restoration Outreach Christian Center


How We Do It

Over 25 years of experience and the latest technology help us put all the pieces together.

How We Do It

Over 25 years of experience and the latest technology help us put all the pieces together.

Problems WE solve and prevent...


Computer downtime

Your Windows or Mac computer, laptop, or tablet can be taken down by any number of issues. However, most of these are easily corrected with 24/7 monitoring, alerting, and proactive resolution. We can determine, troubleshoot, and fix an issue before you even know it's a problem!


data loss and corruption

Lost data comes in all forms, like viruses, ransomware, user error, hardware malfunctions, and many others. We will craft a solution that ensure your organization's important data is never lost and that it can continue to function even if there is a catastrophic event like fire or flood!


Hackers and Data Breaches

We understand that your data is private and your volunteers, donors, and communities expect that their information will not get into the wrong hands. Are you sure you have all your security holes plugged? We can make sure that your organization's data stays inside your organization!


surprise expenses

Who likes surprise technology expenses at the end of the month? No one! We know that no two nonprofit organizations are alike. So we tailor our solutions to fit your organization individually. We also understand that unlike a for-profit company, your revenue is prone to huge potential fluctuations. With our managed service offerings, you get one monthly fee and the peace of mind knowing that your technology needs are taken care of!


Low donation rates

We understand that your organization runs on donations and we have partnered with other companies to help you increase your donation rates and donor retention. Let us show you how better use of technology can help bring more money into your organization!


Inconvenient support

Have you had to lug a computer to a store recently? Have you had to wait for days for someone to fix a technology issue at your organization? With our same day response for support requests and convenient remote support, you will never have to deal with slow response times again!


multiple vendors

With all of the technology your organization uses, inevitably you will have to deal with multiple vendors to get help. We can be your one point-of-contact for all of your technology vendors including Internet, copy and print, software, hardware, phone, audio/video, and more. We get you off of hold and back to what you do best!


One size fits all Thinking

We know that no two nonprofit organizations are alike. We tailor our solutions to fit your organization specifically instead of putting our clients in a box. We also understand that unlike a for-profit company, your revenue is prone to huge potential fluctuations and your needs are different. Knowing all of this, we love helping nonprofits and we treat each of our clients with care, compassion, and respect.


searching for answers

There's no reason for a nonprofit to go it alone! That's why we have partnered with a number of companies who specialize in nonprofit services including Grant Writing, Audio/Video, VoIP Phone Systems, and Donor Management/CRM, just to name a few. This ensures that your organization gets all the help it can get without having to waste valuable time!