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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

+ What is Managed IT Services?

Managed IT services (or Managed Services) is a way to manage your computers, laptops, and tablets to help prevent issues before they become problems. We employ a system that monitors your devices for hardware and software issues and alerts if any are found, allowing for proactive resolution of most issues. It also allows for continuously updated software to prevent other issues like crashes or malware infections.

+ how much does it cost?

Each client is different and unfortunately we can't give generic pricing. However, we can guarantee it costs less than you might think! We would love to discuss our offering which includes unlimited support requests, 24/7 monitoring, automatic updates, enterprise-level protection, proactive resolution of issues, remote support, automatic cloud backup, and more! Contact us today for more details and we can help eliminate your IT headaches forever!


The short answer is no, we do not, and here's why:

We (very strongly) believe that while we can fix your immediate issue(s) with no problem at an hourly rate, your systems won't be running efficiently in that "break/fix" mode of operation and thus will require more time and money that you can use for your mission. We only give our best and we firmly believe that managed services are the best for our clients!

+ Are there minimum requirements for my devices?

Yes, we only support devices running Windows 7 or higher or Mac OSX 10.7 or higher. Please note, if there is an issue on your device that prevents the monitoring agent from installing, there may be an additional device cleanup fee.

+ Do I have to sign a contract?

Yes, and here's why. We take on all of the risk and responsibiity for your network and devices as soon as you are a client. To provide the level of service you deserve, we make sure that we always have win-win agreements with our clients. You deserve the absolute best and we will definitely deliver it!

+ How long does it take to get set up?

Setup (or onboarding) usually takes 1-3 days and is mostly done remotely by one of our trained engineers.

+ Do I have to bring my device to you?

Nope! Over 95% of all service requests take place over a remote session. We connect to your device over the Internet and are able to view the screen and control the device just as if we were sitting there in front of it.

+ What if I need on-site support?

In the rare event you require on-site support, simply contact us and we will schedule an engineer to come to you.

+ Can you control my devices without my knowledge?

While you don’t need to be at your device for Green Skies to control it, we will never access your devices without you knowing exactly when and why we are accessing it. Also, whenever an engineer is controlling your device remotely, there will always be a prominent indicator on the screen.

+ Can you look at my screen without my knowledge?

Our software does not allow this behavior without you knowing about it and displaying an indicator. Please see the above explanation for more details.

+ How do I get service?

In the rare times that you have to contact us, you can receive service either via email, chat, or phone. We're always here to help!

+ What is your average response time if I contact you?

We always acknowledge your request in the same business day. Issues are worked on a first in, first out basis and usually are resolved in less than 1 business day.

+ Do i need to leave my devices on all the time?

We recommend you do so, but you are not obligated to. The reason being that our system does a number of checks and updates late at night while you're sleeping to make sure everything is ready when you awake. Just leaving it on one night a week is usually enough to complete everything necessary.

+ Does your plan include Antivirus/Antimalware/Antispyware protection?

YES! We use enterprise-class security software to keep your devices protected from all types of threats. Also, scans and updates are run while you sleep so you are always protected.

+ Do you offer backup?

YES! You can add automatic cloud backup for your files like documents and pictures. Cloud backup makes a copy of your files and then puts them in a secure server on the Internet (the cloud) thus keeping your files safe in case your hard drive dies, or there is fire, flood, or any other danger to your data. And, if you ever need your data restored, we'll be there to help you at no extra cost for as long as your device is under management!

+ Do you offer spam filtering?

We don't offer just spam filtering by itself, but we utilize Microsoft's Office 365 email system to provide you with the best email experience you could ask for. Your email is accessible anywhere, continuously filtered for spam and viruses, and always backed up. Please contact us if you are interested in this option.

1 Only Microsoft Windows tablets are supported at this time

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We want to hear from you!

Need Sales information? Technology support? General information? We're here for you!