In the midst of all the important tasks that arise for nonprofits everyday, it’s easy to forget things: that conference call that you swore was at 9:30 and not 8:30; the coffee you made at home that stayed there. While we can’t do much to help with those mishaps (we wish we could), there are some things we can help with. Mainly, how to keep the tech you use daily from turning against you. We’ve seen the pitfalls nonprofits stumble into and have selected simple Dos and Don’ts that you can start doing today to keep your nonprofit safe and efficient.

1) DO mind your Passwords!

Change your password often; we suggest every 3-6 months. Use something at least 8 characters and hard to guess. If you’re finding yourself having trouble coming up with something, consider using a password manager like Lastpass or KeePass to expedite this process.

2) DO keep your computers up-to-date with the latest security patches and updates.

3) DO update 3rd party software often!

This includes programs like Adobe, Java, Chrome, etc.

4) DO check to see if your antivirus software is running and up-to-date.

New viruses pop up every day and your software is there to protect you against them. It can’t do its job if it isn’t updated with the latest.

5) DO backup your data.

Set it up daily and with a copy offsite, just in case.

6) DO update your computer’s RAM (tech term for memory)

Also switch your hard drive to an SSD to keep your computer lightning fast!


For the love...

2) DON’T keep selecting “remind me tomorrow” when prompted for updates!

We know you do it. Take a break. Get a coffee. Or set it to update when you’re not going to be at your computer.  

3) DON’T skip the accidental damage warranty when buying equipment.

You’ll very quickly regret it when you have a coffee-soaked paperweight a year later.

4) DON’T forget to audit

This includes computer and data security audits (at least once a year) and even internet/utility services.

5) DON’T forget to clean!

Keeping your computer and electronics dust-free is the key to keeping everything lasting a long time.

6) DON’T put off the Dos & Don’ts.

Start today and keep things running smoothly in your nonprofit!

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