It can be daunting sifting through the thousands of nonprofit efforts happening simultaneously around the country. Whether you’re an individual looking to donate your time or you're a nonprofit  finding others to partner, it can be a huge task. In North Carolina alone, there are countless nonprofits making an impact but we’ve chosen to highlight a few. These organizations are not only doing incredible work but they’re seeing insane results. Check out 5 nonprofits making an impact in the North Carolina area and beyond!


Note in the Pocket

Started by a teacher who noticed a need in her classroom for winter coats, Note in the Pocket has expanded far beyond a teacher’s altruism to become an asset in the community. This organization now gathers donated coats and clothes to distribute to impoverished and homeless children all around the Wake County area. As it stands, there are over 53,000 children living below the national poverty line and 3,000 that identify as homeless. Through NitP, 3,4000 children have already been provided warm clothes and the work is not done yet! To help with this cause through clothes donations or funds, please visit


Music & Memory

Music and Memory collects new or gently used iPods and creates personalized playlist to distribute to nursing homes. In addition to bringing joy to those in nursing homes, the music acts as a form of therapy for those with Alzheimer's, dementia, and other illnesses to promote music-triggered memories. SInce its launch, Music & Memory has been made a form of certification for nursing homes to bring personalized music to its residence. To make a donation, please visit


Kramden Institute

Based in Durham, Kramden first started out as a father/son project. They refurbish donated computers and award them to kids who are on the honor roll but can not afford computers at home. Since then, they have partnered with various organizations across the state of North Carolina and, according to their 2016 Impact Report, have awarded over 4,000 computers through their scholarship program and through other tech related programs. Additionally, they offer classes for students to come and learn computer literacy and technical skills that they can use the rest of their lives. For more information or to donate any used computers, go to


PLM Families Together

Families Together is an organization on a mission to end homelessness in the Wake County area. Through generous donations, they work to place homeless families with nowhere to go into temporary housing or assist families in shelters to find permanent housing and help them acquire skills to support themselves. However, they’ve gone one step further. Sometimes when trying to find housing, families are faced with the difficult decision to have to separate to survive. Families Together, as their name entails, works tirelessly to keep families from having to separate. For more information, please visit

Durham Economic Resource Center

The DERCNC is a nonprofit dedicated to breaking down the barriers for people who are job searching with limited education or job experience. From start to finish, DERCNC has peoples’ backs. DERCNC provides on-the-job training through their workplace development programs, access to classes to build skills, and job placement support so they have a fighting chance. Their resource center houses reduced items from clothing for interviews to home decor for people who can’t afford it. For more information on how to further support these efforts, please go to

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