As technology progresses, more and more nonprofits are realizing the greater impact they can have through adopting new practices. Let’s take cloud storage, for example. Instead of having an Indiana Jones sized library of records, nonprofits have the option to digitize. This cuts down on time, cuts costs to use space & brings ease of access. However, with these luxuries breeds a different problem: data security. With good reason too! The Identity Theft Resource Center reported 781 data breaches in 2015, which is the second highest on record. With those breaches, nonprofits not only lose information but their credibility. This is why it’s paramount to invest in security measures for your nonprofit... Data protection invokes lasting confidence in the integrity of your work.  

While there are many technical measures that need to be taken there are actually a lot of practical tips that you can implement with your team to ensure you’re operating at the most secure capacity!

Clean Screen

After working on a couple projects during the day, it gets tiring. You need a pick me up. Maybe a coffee in the little cafe that was built where your old paper records used to be. *wink wink* Before jumping out of your seat, remember to lock your screen(s)! The easiest way for data to be lost is to literally give it away. While you have the highest esteem for your team, your nonprofit has a higher purpose. Don’t let carelessness get in the way!

What’s the Password?  

When a hacker tries to infiltrate a system, they will typically use a tactic called “Brute-Force”. Basically, that means they will try every password combination until they hit gold. You only make it easier for them when you stick to the 1 capital letter, 1 number, and 8 characters rule. If you need help, there are places online that will generate a secure password for you! Just make sure you don’t forget it…

Candy Crushed?

You’ll be surprised to know that even the apps that are downloaded over your company network can leave you open to compromise. A way to avoid that is to vet certain applications to make sure that they are clean and trusted. It would be kind of a downer having the nonprofit breached just because someone didn’t want to pay for a movie on iTunes…

Lastly, the best way to keep your nonprofit secure is to stay vigilant. If you see or notice something strange going on, tell someone or tell your IT service. The sooner a threat can be identified, the quicker it can be resolved.

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